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Can you give me examples of businesses in the industries you are targeting?

Tech: communication systems, social media, IoT, online activism, AI, computer science
Food Systems/Restaurants: farms, produce, consumer goods
Fashion: accessories, clothing, apparel recycling/disposal programs
Health & Wellness: spirituality, beauty products, natural remedies, mental health services, fitness
Keiki/Education: children's toys, education programs or tools, art and art programs

I have been in operation for 4 years, but your qualifications say 3 years. Can I still apply?

If you aren’t sure if you meet every program qualification, we encourage you to submit an inquiry, or submit an application.

How much funding will selected companies receive?

At the beginning of the program, FoundHers will meet with the program team to determine their funding amount based on need.

Do you take an equity stake in return for the funding?

No, the funding is a grant and does not take equity in return.

How do the grant funds get disbursed?

Funds are dispersed on a program milestone basis. Companies and the FoundHer program team will determine the milestones at the first meeting in September.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Fill out an inquiry below, or email darien@purplemaia.org with your question.

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